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Answers to many of the frequently asked question our visitors and customers may have can be found below. If you need help, please check here before you contact us.

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How do I know how much I need?
How big are the leaves or cattails on the sheets?
Camo on Red RZR Polaris
Car wraps
Rocker panels & bumper.
Ford Ranger
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Will the Camo Fade?
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Q: Hello, I am wanting to camo up my sportsbike (Suzuki SV650). Some parts of the body are very detailed with alot of small cornered areas. Will I be able to use the camo wrap in those areas?

A: Yes, just take your time and work smaller pieces down into the deep areas and it works great.

Q: i purchased camo wrap for my aluminum jon boat. my question is that ive been told that i can add a mixture of water and liquid soap and spray the boat and the sticker and use the squeege to get out the water and i will eliminate all bubbles and wrinkes and once i let it dry it will be good to go. please let me know what you think before i start adding the graphics. thank you frank

A: Yes, you can, and is a commonly used method of applying the material, although not needed with our special gluing system.

Q: I drive through some thick brush. How resistant is it to scratches and tears?

A: Extremely durable to resist tears and total protection from scratches! I have put my truck through heck and back and this stuff rocks! Cris

Q: If there is a quarter size rust hole, lets say in the fender area. Do you just cover over this, then what happens later on in this area will the metal bubble out, however the camo stretchs, so it would just expand in that area? Thanks

A: Robert, Rust need to be stopped before you apply our products. You can't just cover rust with the vinyl as it will quickly come back up once moisture gets behind the vinyl. Fill the holes in with repair material and sand and seal the suraface with a good quality primer and seal it with a clear coat first.

Q: What tools will I need to accent my vehicle? I have never used this type of product before and plan on tackling the job myself.

A: Super easy to use and easy to apply, you just need to properly clean the surface, a good sharp razor knife and a squeegee, which we send with, and you are ready to go! Over 90 percent of our Customers apply these kits themselves!

Q: How to I figure out how much Camo vinyl I need to cover my project?


There is a formula for determining how many sheets of Camo Vinyl it would take to cover most projects. Its true, but it takes a little work to figure out, we find that a tape measure and calculator works best!

Try this:
Measure the surface area to be covered in square feet.
To obtain a gross idea of the square footage of an area, multiply the length by the width.
Add 20% to your total square feet.
Divide the total by 20.
The remainder is the number of sheets needed!

180 Sq. Ft. + 20% = 216 sq. ft.
216 sq. ft. divided by 20 = 10.8 sheets

Q: How big is the pattern printed on the sheets? Is it the same as if it was printed on a shirt or piece of clothing?

A: If you hold a sheet of Camo Vinyl out in front of you with the pattern oriented properly, the sheets will measure approximately 5 feet wide by 4 feets tall. All patterns are manufactured to actual scale so a leaf is as big as a leaf and branch or cattail is true to size as you would find in nature itself!

Q: I have a red RZR Polaris and would like to camo it. Will the red plastic body panels show or bleed through the camo? Is the camo 100% nontransparent? Thanks TS

A: No way will it show through! The product is definitely not transparent and it about the thickness of good quality duct tape. Not the cheap digitally printed camouflage wraps on the market. It will also really help protect from any scratches to the body panels themselves and will take a pretty sharp edge and a lot of force to cut through the Camo Vinyl. It I can answer any questions, feel free to call 801 833-3820

Q: Do y'all have pink camo wraps for cars

A: We sure do! Our kits are cut to fit kits that are vehicle size specific. Feel free to e-mail me at with the make and model of the car and I would be happy to help you figure out which kit would work best. To see all the camo patterns we offer, visit here:

Q: Hi, I have a 2000 Ford F150 and would like to camo the rockers and the plastic parts of the front bumper. I'm confident I can do the rockers with no problem but my concern is the bumper. First, will it stick to the plasic? Second, how well will it follow the contours? My last question is if I can't do it would you know of anyone in the southeastern Wisconsin area that could do it for me? Thanks for your help, Troy

A: Bumpers and plastic are fine as long as your prepare the surface as recommended in the instructions. The contours can be handled several ways from using a wide area flame propane torch or even a household hair dryer to get the material more pliable, just be careful not to use too much heat and stretching. Or you can use small pie shaped relief cuts that slightly over lap to take out excess and mold around bends. As far as installing it, if you're not comfortable with doing it, almost any local graphics wrap company can apply this 3M based product and are familiar with 3M ControlTac.

Q: Do you ship to Canada? If so I live in Kelowna B.C.. How much would it be to ship 4 sheets of the mossy oak vehicle camo sheets, size 4ft x 2.5 ft? Thanks.

A: We do ship to Canada, but International Shipping rates will be added to your order after it is placed.

Q: I have a Ford Ranger and I want to put camo rocker panels on it, but I've never seen it done. Do you have any suggestions? Have you seen it before, did it look okay? Also, its maroon. Are there any camo patterns that would go with that color better than the others. I can't decide on a pattern and I'm hoping this can help me. thanks, Kelsie

A: This product is very easy to apply, given you follow the instructions that comes with it, and I can't stress enough how much surface preparation is EVERYTHING! FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! It looks awesome with just about any of the patterns on just about any color actually. It is really a matter of what you like best with the colors we have available. Maybe look more at what would look good with the interior of the vehicle? Hope that helps.

Q: Does the camo wrap cover up and hide dings in your vehicle well? My vehicle was in a hail storm. Would it be in my best interest to get the hail damage fixed first? Or would it hid alot of it? Also, the clear coat is peeling off. Does that effect the camo staying put?

A: It will cover minor dings although you will need to be careful to get the material worked down into the surface of the car before it touches the opposite side and then you are trying to push it down into the ding and stretch it. Yes, depending on how bad the clear coat is peeling it could have an effect on performance of the product. You could lightly sand the rough areas to remove any of the clear coat that is not stick down tight before applying the material.

Q: How resistant is the material to the abuse of weather? Will the UV rays from the sun badly fade the material?

A: Both the material we print on, 3M ControlTac, and our specific inks are UV protected and I have had this on a truck personally for over 9 years and it showed no color fading at all.

Q: Does the kit come with instructions and a squeegee for application?

A: Yes, it comes with a detailed instruction manual and I can't stress enough how important it is you follow these instructions! And it does come with an application squeegee!

Q: Are the ATV camo kits strictly designed for certain ATV's or will they fir most atv's around the same size?

A: Out Deluxe kits are made to fit just about any ATV. The Deluxe Kit is made for machines above 400 CC to over the 800 cc range. They are a cut to fit kit that comes in 4 sheets averaging 2 foot by 5 foot, and estimated to cover that size rig!

Q: How well do the panels hold up to washing with high pressure nozzles? Not like 3500 psi pressure, but like a standard self service car wash. Does waxing over the panels help or hurt them?

A: Washing it in an automatic car wash is just fine. We do not recommend having the wax put on as it will build up over time and cause a fading look to the material. If you want to protect the product, we recommend using a product like Armoral as it is a vinyl product and just like your dash board it works great to prolong the life and protect trhe product.

Q: How big are the camo sheets and can they be cut to a custom size?

A: All our full sheets of Camowraps Economy Sheets are 48 inches tall and 60 inches wide, and are laminated 3M products. We do offer them in all all our kits, except the Mossy Oak camo patterns, and feel free to call us if we can help! 801 833-3820.

Q: My rifle has a wooden stock, can I camo it? Can you put the camo on the whole rifle or would you just do the stock? Jo Kell

A: Jo, We offer a kit for shotgun and rifles that will allow you to cover the entire gun. It sticks great to metal and wood if prepared following our instructions. Cris

Q: i have just sanded down and am preping my bronco for primer.. will i need to put any other coat on clear coat base coat etc.. before i put the camo on?

A: As long as you've used a good quality primer, it should go right on! Cris

Q: If you take your vehicle through deep water or mud will it cause it to fade over time? Will it be safe to take it through any mud hole and it still look as good as it did when I bought it? Thanks.

A: Our camo LOVES mud! You just need to make sure you prepare the surface following the instructions and make sure all edges are cleaned well before you apply it to get a good seal and hit the mid once applied!

Q: Looking to install over the rocker panels and wheel wells on a 2009 Ford F250 4X4. How hard is it... or better yet, what's the trick to installing the accent strips over the wheel wells? Thanks.

A: It is really easy to work with. A little heat from a blow dryer or heat gun, carefully applied will help slightly stretch the material around most complex edges. If not, you'll need to make small relief cuts into the material as you go around the fender or wheel wells or fenders. I usually try to cut a piece, or even several, trying to match up as close as possible a piece that will lay down, or like a letter C on its side, and then start working up and over the wheel well area

Q: If i bought your product and i wanted to sell my truck after a while would it be easy to remove or how would i do it

A: Yes, it is easily removable with applying a little heat and physically trying to take it off and will do nothing but protect the surface.

Q: Do you have pictures of what the view is from inside the vehicle. Does it darken the interior like window tinting? I want to use this on my motorhome instead of curtains, will it dim it enough? Thanks

A: Paul, Yes, it does darken the inside. It is what is called a 50/50 let through, which means it blocks view, either inside or out, by 50%. It actually is slightly darker than that. The good thing is you can see out better than you can see inside from the outside, helping to keep prying eyes out. Because of the camo printing it blocks view inside almost totally as long as it is fairly dark inside. I think you’d be very happy with the results. I have a sleeper with solid sides on my truck and used the window film on the only window, the back door window, and I love it. No one can see what is inside my sleeper, but if I get inside, which I do often on hunting trips to sleep, I can see right out!

Q: I found a website that is cheaper than yours. Its 45.00 a sheet. Will you match the price??

A: Dear Shelly, CAMOCLAD and CAMOWRAPS are two different materials. We used to be a CAMOCLAD Dealer but due to issues of our customers not receiving their orders and due to the fact we felt CAMOWRAPS was a superior product, and we have 9 years retailing this product and have tested them all, felt CAMOWRAPS was well worth the move over to becoming a CAMOWRAPS dealer. Camowraps comes with a one year longer fade warranty than Camoclad does as well. Short story, long version, I don't see any of their products listed at $45 a sheet. Let me know what product it is and we will consider the match but our deal is we will match any CAMOWRAPS Price, if you would like to send me the exact product or item you are looking at purchasing,m we will do our best to match it if possible, but CAMOWRAPS ROCKS!

Q: Can you take the wrap off and re-apply later?

A: No it is a once use product.

Q: I am building a camoflauge stand. I would like to put plexiglass windows in the stand and want to apply the perforated window film to the plexiglass to conseal movment inside. will the sheets of perforated window film work on plexiglass? Thanks in advance Shawn McDonald

A: Shawn, IT WORKS AWESOME! We have had many clients do that very thing and are supper happy with the results.

Q: I have a '88 Toyota 4Runner with a removable hardtop. The surface of the top is slightly textured from the factory. I fear that there will be too many air bubbles for it to adhere properly to the fiberglass top?

A: Mike, It can cause a few problems doing it yourself. It can be done, but takes heat and a paint brush to tap the material down into the rippled area and is quite time consuming.

Q: Is the window film applied to the outside of the glass or to the inside like tint? Thanks, Jason

A: Jason, Great question! Outside of the glass, not inside like tint. It is the same material we use for our wraps, just perforated so you can see through it.

Q: I've got a 19' JBB fiberglass boat. It is an older boat that I can beat up a little - I use it to duck hunt and inshore fly fish. Will the camo adhere to the fiber glass?

A: Scott, yes it will stick very well to fiberglass, as long as you clean the surface well first.

Q: Can you make solid color sheets? I want to get flame red to put on my 2006 Jeep. My Jeep is currently Flame Red from the factory and has small nics in the paint from rocks being kicked up by my oversized tires. I want to wrap it so I dont have to deal with that anymore.

A: Bryan, Sorry we do not offer solid color viynl at this time.

Q: I seen on your website that you could do snowmobiles. But I didn't see anywhere on your website I could purchase a camowrap. Please help

A: Josh, A snowmobile and an ATV take about the same amount of material. It comes with 4 two foot by five foot sheets of material which is enough to cover most snomobiles. You may be able to do it with a single sheet, it mostly depends on how much you want to cover. Give us a call if you have any questions! 801 833-3820

Q: I have a 16 foot canoe. Will the $216 kit cover the whole outside of my canoe or will it only cover the sides of my canoe.

A: Nick, Here is a link to a picture of a few canoes wrapped in Camowraps Or look us up on Facebook under and there are some pictures there as well. The Budget Boat kit comes with three - 4 foot by 5 foot sheets of material. You can do some figuring on your boat and see if that will be enough to do what you would like. You can always buy an extra sheet if you are worried it won't do it.

Q: Does your film have a coating on top?

A: Yes, our material is laminated with a UV protective matte laminate and comes with a 5 year no fade warranty. Feel free to give us a call if we can help answer additional questions at 801 833-3820

Q: Will the camo wrap scratch really easy? If it does get scratched, is there something you can do to cover up the scratch? Thank you

A: Joseph, No the CAMOWRAPS material is almost impossible to strach. The laminated surface is pretty tough. If you did happen to get a scartch you could always use a little touch up paint to cover it, but Iin many years of personally beating the heck out of this material, I have not scratched it yet.

Q: I want to wrap my Bronco. How long will it last?

A: Sam, The product has a life span rating from 3M of 7 years, but personally, I have had this material on one truck for over 10 years and on a boat for 11 now. It also comes with a 5 year no fade warranty. This material is tough! After time you may get some spots that may lift up or start to peel slightly. These can easily be adhered back down with 3M Spray on adhesive for vinyl and struck back down. You can also patch areas if they get too bad. I wrecked one truck 5 years into owning it and thought I would for sure have to replace all the camo to not have at least some fading difference and when I held up the new sheets next to the material on the truck, it still looked perfect. NO FADING AT ALL!

Q: Will CAMOWRAP sheets adhere to plywood? I'm looking to construct a dog box from DIY kit that requires sides,top, bottom and back be made from 1/2 plywood that instructions say can be left natural, stained or paimted. Was thinking of using CAMMOWRAP instead. Are there any problems i should look out for?

A: Ken, As long as the plywood is sealed, it should stick fine to it. Using a good quality primer to seal it first and then applying it would work great!

Q: I have a blazer that has been painted with a type of bed liner. The surface almost feels like 100 grit sandpaper to the touch. How would this product stick and will it be durable and look ok on top of this crappy paint.

A: Matt, That is hard to say without being there to look at it. This product will stick to about anything, even not totally flat surfaces, but it HAS to be clean and in good shape. Bed liner material is oil based and will not let the glue stick. As long as the paint is not coming up itself, you should be ok.

Q: I live in southern Arizona where it gets hot and stays hot. The sun cooks everything. How well does the Camo Wraps hold up in the intense heat? How long before it will start to peel or look faded? Thank you, Greg

A: Greg, Most of the Camowraps products carry a Lifetime Warranty. We have sold a lot of material to people in the the hottest States in the US, even have a company in Nevada using this out in the desert to cover satellite towers with no problems! See the warranty information below. Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty (US and Canada Only) Camowraps, L.L.C warrants this product to be free from defects in material and fading under normal use for the life of the product. This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser of the product. This warranty only applies to Preminum Cast Vinyl products. Product determined by Camowraps to be defective under this warranty within five years of purchase date shall be repaired or replaced free of charge. After five years from the original purchase date, Camowraps will replace the product at a cost to the customer equal to forty percent (40%) of the current MSRP. This warranty does not cover defects in installation or product that has been subject to neglect, accident, abuse, misuse, or misappliction. In no case will Camowraps's liability under this contract exceed the value of the original product. This warranty does not extend to Economy Vinyl products. Specifically excluded from this warranty are any installation costs and any shipping costs involved with repairs or replacement. THE FOREGOING WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES OF QUALITY, WHETHER WRITTEN, ORAL OR IMPLIED (INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PURPOSE) AND IN NO EVENT SHALL THE SELLER BE LIABLE FOR ANY BREACH OF WARRANTY IN AN AMOUNT EXCEEDING THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT.

Q: I want the camo material to install my self? Can you suppy it and how much is it?

A: Ron, This is a Do It Yourself product! 95 percent of our customers apply the product themselves and have fantastic results. I have several options for you from purchasing it by the 4 foot by 5 foot sheet, (the most affordable way), or I can also get it in rolls as long as 50 feet and in heights from 36, 48 and 56 inches. The rolls only come in the Mossy Oak patterns. Give us a call at 801 833-3820 and we can get you a quote.

Q: i have a lariat ford f150 2004.. and i need to replace the wood panel stuff with camo ones!

A: Please check out our Camowraps Rocker Panel Kits listed on this page under "CAMOWRAPS Vehicle Accent or Rocker Panel Kits". They come in either 12" or 16" x 5' strips and are perfect for accenting the sides of your vehicle.

Q: I need a 4.5' x 6' sheet to cover my truck hood. I only see 4' x 5' size. Can you cut bigger sheets?

A: The Camowraps product only comes in 4x5 sheets. We do carry a Mossy Oak Graphics line that you can purchase n 54" (4.5ft) wide rolls. They run 22.50 per foot. So for a 54"x6'ft roll you are looking at 135.00 + shipping.

Q: Im lookin at purchasing some of the mossy oak break up camo in either the 48" tall roll or the 54" tall roll and it says you can order it by the foot but thers no place to put in how many feet you want on the order form so i was wondering how to do that

A: Just select the number of feet you want in the "Type Quantity" area. Say you want 10 feet, just put in the number 10 in the Type Quantity field during the order and you would get 10 feet of material in whichever you wanted/selected 48" or 54" rolls. It is sold by the running foot. Feel free to give us a call if you need some help.

Q: Thinking of applying to my white G3 1756 DLX... are the boat kits removeable from painted aluminum?

A: Chris, We offer two materials. Our Boat Wrap material, available by CAMOWRAPS and also many of the OVERWRAPS Kits we offer, that is made specifically for MArine use. It is a tougher glue that has some seripous gluing power and is made to withstand a lot of water, gas, oil, etc. It is tough to remove, but using some sticker remover, which is available at most auto part stores, will eat it up and take it off without damaging painted surfaces. We also offer our Auto Grade material in all manufactures patterns and have MANY people that have successfully uased it on boats and it is easier to remove if you later desire to take it off. It also stands up great in water, but it not specifically rated for water use. With that said, I have had customer with the removeable material on boats for many years with no problems and it is easier to work with. If we can help, call at 801 833-3820

Q: I want to cover some metal,either alvinized or aluminum 4x8 sheets will I need to primer them first or can I clean them and wipe with alchol then apply wrap

A: Rickey, No primer needed! Just make sure the surface is cleaned and then wiped down with alcohol and it will stick down just fine!

Q: Will you post to Australia.

A: Peter, Yes we do but it can be very expensive. We would need the full shipping address and what you want to order to get a correct quote for you. Can you e-mail the information to

Q: Hey, I have a 2005 Chevy Colorado Z85 truck. Will the camo wrap adhere properly to the plastic-like fender flares?

A: IT sure will. Make sure they have been properly cleaned first and it should stick great!

Q: i want to camo my rocker panels and bumpers. will this product have a problem sticking to my factory chrome bumpers

A: No problem at all!!

Q: want to cover my Kawasaki Brute Force 750 how does this work around curved fenders, bulges, and the unevenness of a four wheeler is it stretchy? If I decide to remove years later will it leave sticky residue?

A: Craig, It works great around edges. It does have some give to it, and you can heat it with a blow dryer and slightly stretch it to go around corners that arent to complex. On very complex or tight corners, you have to cut out pie cuts to conform the material around the corner. It is removable and will leave little if any residue.

Q: Can I put a decal like a ducks unlimited decal on top of the perforated window film?

A: Steve, You sure can! Once you have the window graphic applied you can place any decal on top of it you would like. Hope that helps!

Q: I have a honda shadow motorcycle that I wanted to use the camo wrap on, but I wanted to put some graphics on top of the camo wrap. With most graphics on motorcycles its just a sticker that they clear coated over to protect the sticker and make it look like it was painted. could you clear coat over the wrap and what would that do to the wrap.

A: You sure can! ur camo is printed on much the same material as many decals kits that come from the factory are. They are automative rated vinyl and you can clear coat over the wraps once applied. It will also help protect the camo and give it a shinny finish just like paint!

Q: i wrecked my jeep and we fixed the majority of it with a sledge hammer, its still dented, but would the camo wrap stick even though it is dented?

A: Johny, For the most part it probably would, but we wouldnt recommend it. The material is made to go on flat surfaces and although it can contour to go around corners and such, it is not designed to be pulled in different directions to accomidate dents. Some minor dents are fine, but not if it has much change of the surface areas that would make it hard to push the product down into.

Q: Okay I was wanting to know if duct tape will fade over time in sunlight I was wanting to but camo duct tape on my dash board but I don't know if it will fade?

A: Ashton, Our vinyls are not made for the top area of the dash board but are great for doing areas such as the front areas around your speedometer and radio, heater/ac controls and we have many Customers that have done this. Depending on what material you buy, they have different warranties against fading from sunlight but our products are made to take the abuse of outdoor elements and direct sunlight.

Q: Can you glue an OEM vehicle emblem over the top of Camograss? If so, does it require a special glue?

A: Keith, You sure can! Applying normal decals on top of the vinyl is just fine and not special glue is required.

Q: I am new to this wrap thing and am purchasing my husband a honda shadow motorcycle and would like to camo wrap it im wondering how many sq ft ill need to order. thank you! Carrie

A: Carrie, The materials we sell come in different size options, but typically for most street bikes you would need about 8 to 10 feet or two 4 foot by 5 foot sheets to do the bike, depending on how much plastic is has you want to cover and tank area.

Q: Can the camowrap be applied over factory atv decals or do the decals have to be removed before applying the wrap?

A: I would advise to remove them. Although you can't actually see through our material, you would see the rise of the vinyl from the decal underneath it.

Q: Do you have to use a heat gun or can you use a blow dryer or something in that matter?

A: Either will work, but a small heat gun works better than a hair dryer as it will stay a constant temp.

Q: I'm wanting to camo my truck but not the whole thing I've done the tailgate and now I want to camo most the bed side and come down at an angle in front of the tire and go along the bottom up over the front fender and then the front of the hood and back the same way on the other side with the grass look also. What kind of kit or kits do I need to do this project?

A: We have our Camo Grass Cut Kits and CamoGrass Kits available in several sizes for different length trucks. If you want to do the Duck Dynasty look to the truck, you just order in extra sheet or roll material to go along the bottom first before you apply the grass cut edges.

Q: I have a f-250 with a flatbed. I don't want to camo the flat bed but your full vehicle kits aren't really that descriptive on what kit i should buy. I was thinking the kit that fits s-10's because i don't have a much to cover as a full sized pickup? thoughts

A: Joey, You are correct! IF you don't want to do the bed, a compact truck kit should do just the cab of the full sized truck. The other option I have it to purchase the bulk roll material, which is available by the foot. It comes in a 48 inch tall roll, so you could look at how many feet you estimate it would take to do your cab only. Let me know if I can help! 801 833-3820

Q: I just bought a 1999 ford F150 reg cab. The clear coat is coming off the hood and front bumper. Will I need to do prep work to it or not? If so what do I need to do??

A: If the clear coat is peeling off, you will need to make sure you have any loose pieces off before you start. If is is just coming off and leaving the faded paint behind, just clean the surface first and you are good to go!

Q: hey this is derrick Jordan. I have a 07 Toyota tundra limited ed crewmax . I was wanting to do around the bottom of my truck but I don't know which kit would work for my truck.

A: We offer several kits. They come in two different height, depending on how tall you want to go up the side of the vehicle. A 12 inch or 16 inch kit, just measure how tall you want to go up the truck. Then we offer 2 lengths a 22 foot, for Compact Truck or Single Cab trucks, and a 28 foot kit, for extended cabs and 4 doors. Hope that helps!

Q: Hello, I want to wrap my golf cart seats in a snow camo pattern. would your snow camo fabric be the material for that application? If so, can I get a bigger picture showing more of the pattern? Thanks, Joel

A: Joel, It would work great! It is a 600 denier fabric that is sun fade resistant! I sent you an e-mail with a bigger picture of the fabric.

Q: Nothing in your how to apply faq says how you apply the camo


Q: I purchased the rear window mallard max 4 graphic a few weeks back, put it on my truck window saturday, it went on easy as you stated, and it looks AWSOME!!!!! I was wondering if you sell the rear window graphicks for jeep. My grandson has a 1999 jeep sport.The window opens on the rear hatch back. You sell the best product ever. I think this turned out so fantastic that I am going to do the rocker panels/fender flares on my 2005 chevy silverado ext. cab as well. Thanks Russ Phillips

A: Russell, Thanks for the kind comments! We do our best to bring you the best products we can! Our smallest window graphic is made for compact trucks and should work on the Jeep as well. It is 15 inches tall by 58 inches long. Let me know how we can help.

Q: Can I apply your camo window film to my back doors windows which are functional

A: You can, but it will over years of use, start to rub off some of the pattern, depending on how tough the windows are to roll up and down.

Q: i am curious if the product would be able to be use on a wall inside a house?

A: It can. What camo pattern did you want? I do carry some wallpapers but don't have the listed on my web site. Call me or e-mail me at or 801 833-3820 and I would be happy to help.